Who am I?

I’m Sam, I am a boradcast engineer who specialises in system design and IP/web based itegrations.

I have been enthralled in the broadcast world for the last 6 years, kick started by joinging the student TV Station StagTV. This ultimately led me away from pursing a career in Maths and Theoretical Physics and into the world of broadcast engineering. Because of this I joined the Univerity of Surrey’s Film and Broadcast Engineering course (FVPT).

I graduated from the University of Surrey in 2019 just as Covid 19 started reshaping the world. I took this as an oppertunity to apply my experience with broadcast and webtechnology to work on virtual and hybrid events. I spend the following 18 months working part time for the University running their TV Studio and upgrading it with an extensive fibre network to all the main events and reocrding spaces across the Surrey campus and creating and implementing systems for remote guest capture and streaming, clean feed generation, NDI integrations and more.

When I was not working for the Univeristy I freelanced, working on virtual festivals, pannel shows, writing software packages for online voting systems, an online graphical credits editor and playout engine, GFX packages, screen capture and high volume remote guest to local SDI/NDI systems and more!

As I mentioned above, I do a lot of webdev and software development. My family has a family owned and run software company and has done since I was an infant, so I grew up with technology and code! I wrote my first bits of code in secondary school writing mods for games and eventually moved on to web dev. From there I started making websites left right and center and eventually learnd how to use my web dev skills to write local control panels and use web based technologys to make handy systems in the early days of my interest to broadcast.

For one of my coursework peices at Surrey I developed a webbased tally system using cloud and local servers to conenct local cameras and vision mixers to remote cameras/sources such as the remote guest software I mentioned before. I managed to get this to operate reliably and consistently with latency as low as 10ms. I event tested it with a friend who lived in Brunei at the time!

Now my interests are continuing in the same direction but looking more towards the future of broadcast video. I wrote my disertation in 2019 on ST2110 and ST2022-6/7 and in the short time since then much of what I wrote has already become outdated… Now I want to pursue integrations and system designes using ST2110, look at emerging technologies such as optical compression and the various compression options for ST2110-22.

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